Consultancy Services

Strategic Planning
Lead & shape the development of Strategic Plans with key stakeholders across the business and provide external perspective & challenge.

Validation of plans across the business to ensure all functional plans are aligned and that key stakeholders expectations of and dependencies on each other are fully understood & agreed.

Ensure that the overall plan is understood and has real “buy in” from all key stakeholders 

Change Management

All business involves change management of one sort or another. Success is achieved when the outcome meets the upfront objectives.

Easy in theory, a challenge in practice – mainly due to poor planning, poor execution and poor communication of objectives and a failure to bring people along the journey.

Integro Ltd can help companies by demystifying the challenge of change through a process of embedding the changes throughout the process & communicating the benefits as the work progresses. 

Operational Process Improvement

The current environment provides companies with the opportunity to challenge out dated practices and to develop more effective & efficient processes which will set them up for greater success when the upturn comes.

Integro Ltd works with companies to identify process inefficiencies and blockages to growth and jointly defines what needs to change, the financial impact of not changing and how best to implement the identified process changes. This includes cost / benefit analysis & business case development.

Research & Development

To maximise the effectiveness of a company’s R&D capability to ensure viable new products address a clear customer problem - validate that the overall proposition is compelling and has a viable market segment size.

Recruitment & Selection

Using role specific Job Match Profile assessments, it is possible to significantly increase the probability of success for a new recruit into your business.

Integro Ltd can help with the identification, selection & recruitment of suitable candidates for specific Product Management or Marketing Roles.