Marketing Services 

Marketing Strategy

To ensure Marketing strategy is aligned with overall Business & Product strategies and delivers in line with business growth projections.

Includes Brand equity & development to ensure the “whole business” proposition promise is aligned with the brand.

Annual Marketing Plans

Marketing plans that cover the business & marketing objectives.

Articulate what marketing will deliver and the metrics on which marketing effectiveness should be assessed.

Focussed on marketing effectiveness to support marketing investment decisions & buy in from across the business.

Campaign Development

Comprehensive campaign development plan which covers all aspects of the marketing mix by segment & channel to ensure fully integrated & effective campaigns are delivered according to the annual plan schedule.

Development of pre & post campaign evaluation metrics & success factors.

Where a segmentation model currently exists to critically review and ensure it remains fit for purpose and continues to provide the required level of predictive value.

Where such a model does not exist to develop an agreed framework within which to segment a company’s customer base using a range of criteria for segmentation including internal & externally available:

  • Contribution
  • Demographics
  • Psychographics
  • Behavioural
  • Customer Research

Investment Spend Support
Develop customised suite of tools & templates to support investment spend proposals that include Marketing Return on Investment metrics, post campaign evaluation measures and include lifetime customer value projections.